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Palm beach tech member spotlight touchsuite

Palm Beach Tech Spotlights TouchSuite

TouchSuite CEO, Sam Zietz, was recently interviewed by local tech association, Palm Beach Tech. The interview spotlighted TouchSuite as a member of the group and took a deeper dive into what the investment in GRUBBRR means for the future of restaurant tech.

GRUBBRR, was acquired by TouchSuite in late 2018. The investment brings the power of self-order automation to SMB’s and a personlized order experience to tech-savvy diners. “It hits the sweet spot of tech and it is completely disruptive to the hospitality industry,” said Sam Zietz about GRUBBRR.

Zietz went on to talk about how GRUBBRR aligns with TouchSuite’s longterm commitment of bringing cutting edge technology and payment solutions to entrepreneurs and businesses  of all sizes.

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