Interested In Selling Your Merchant Portfolio?

As a niche financier with more than 20 years of experience in the payments industry, we have acquired residual portfolios and businesses from ISOs and Agents of all sizes from start-ups to large, established organizations.

Banks, financial institutions, and other traditional lenders don’t understand the nuances of the payment processing industry like TouchSuite. With the increased need for liquidity within the industry, our acquisitions are specifically designed to cater to ISO’s and agents looking for secure access to capital.

What Factors Influence My Portfolio Valuation?

  • Account attrition

    High account attrition rates indicates that there is a higher risk associated with the portfolio,  thereby lowering a valuation. A portfolio has more value if accounts stay active in the portfolio for a long time.

  • Future revenue production

    If you’ve built a sales engine that will continue after a new merchant is onboarded, the acquirer will be able to generate additional revenue from all new merchant accounts.

  • Portfolio size

    The size of the portfolio is a factor that influences the valuation. A larger book of business will typically be valued higher than a smaller one.

  • Average account age

    The average duration of time that accounts have stayed in your portfolio shows how sticky your merchants are and that is important to investors.

  • Account types & industries

    We specialize in traditional and high risk merchant services. We can give you the best multiple possible on any payment processing vertical.

  • Agreement exclusivity

    Most ISO agreements provide for a non-exclusive relationship between the ISO and processor. This will be evaluated as part of the overall portfolio value.