Lending you a lifeline for your business

TouchSuite offers two lending program options to our ISOs and Agents

As a niche financier with more than 20 years of experience in the payments industry, we have loaned over $75MM to ISOs and Agents of all sizes from start-ups to large, established organizations.

Banks, financial institutions, and other traditional lenders don’t understand the nuances of the payment processing industry like TouchSuite. With the increased need for liquidity within the industry, our residual loans are specifically designed to cater to ISO’s and agents looking for secure access to capital.

With 20+ years in the payments industry, our residual loans are specifically designed to meet the needs of growing ISOs and agents and access to working capital becomes more difficult with traditional banks and traditional lenders.  With days of submitting an application, TouchSuite will prepare a customized loan program that works for your business goals.  

We Meet Your Needs:

  • Quick approval & closing
  • Quick turn around & access to capital
  • Flexible programs to meet your business goals
  • Minimal paperwork which is very different than applying within a traditional lender

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