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TouchSuite A certified Intuit Solution Provider & QuickBooks Reseller

ProAdvisor Accountants

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Deliver your clients substantial new benefits and savings.


Referral Partner Program

Program Overview

The most successful ProAdvisors are the ones that can quickly meet the customer’s expectations by coming up with ways to better engage the customer and provide ongoing value. As a POS and payment solution provider to businesses of all sizes, TouchSuite understands the importance of driving lasting customer relationships. 

Accountants are finding they too can offer significant savings and wholesale payment pricing to their clients while generating a recurring monthly revenue by offering TouchSuite solutions. TouchSuite’s ProAdvisor Referral Partner program is an excellent way of ensuring you’re delivering client benefits and substantial savings. 

  • Extend significant savings on merchant processing rates and fees
  • Complimentary POS Hardware Bundles
  • Discount on all QuickBooks Accounting & POS Software
  • As a TouchSuite partner, we refer QB POS Training opportunities to you


Better Rates than Intuit Payments

Our direct integration to QuickBooks POS Desktop means big savings for your clients.
Below is a savings example of a client switching from Intuit to Lightning Payments. 

Annual Savings
5-Year Savings
lightning payments vs intuit payments swiped card processing rates

Estimate based on swiped rate and 700 transactions per month, with an annual volume of $840,000 per year.
With fees and rates deducted they would net $818,340 with Inuit Payments vs. $821772 with Lightning Payments, powered by TouchSuite.
Monthly QuickBooks Payments fee of $19.95 applied. Estimate based on (1) full year of payment processing.

Lightning Payments Demo

The Lightning Payments app runs natively inside of QuickBooks. Watch the video to see how it works.

Additional Benefits:

  • Faster Next Day-Funding 
  • 10PM Batch Outs
  • Dedicated Support

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“It’s a great partner program!”


I was surprised at how easy it has been to partner with TouchSuite. We spoke on the phone and I was given some valuable information to empower my clients with advanced POS systems and affordable payment processing. I’ve switched over three accounts and they are already seeing savings in their monthly statements. It’s been a great experience.”

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Partner


We want to partner with you.

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