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PointBlank, March 2015

The 50 Best Point of Sale Software Tools and Apps for Small Businesses

The world of point of sale (POS) systems has come a long way since the days of big, clunky computers at the checkout. It used to be an expensive and serious undertaking for a business to acquire this sort of system, but not, thanks to advances in technology, nearly anyone can set up their own POS system quickly and easily.

Small businesses no longer have to rely on stand alone terminals in order to handle POS transactions; there are several software and apps out there that can turn your computer, tablet or mobile device into a POS terminal.

In fact, mobile software and apps are rapidly gaining in popularity thanks to their portability and real time insights into how business is performing. Perhaps most especially, they allow you to instantly keep track of inventory levels, which can be especially challenging for businesses that stock a wide array of items.

A good point of sale system can help you gain insights and keep track of what your customers like, which in turn can help you boost sales.

Look for systems that can grow with your business, are easy to use, let you set custom alerts for things such as low inventory and feature all functions you might need. Better to invest in one solid system at the outset than to be continually looking for apps and software that integrate and are compatible with one another as your business expands.

With the above in mind, in no particular order, here is Direct Capital’s list of 50 of the best point of sale software tools and apps for small businesses.

24. TouchSuite, @TouchSuite

This user-friendly system offers an affordable and innovative solution for small business POS needs with hardware, software and even financing. They also offer online business management-related seminars to help you gain the know-how and skills necessary to help your small business succeed.


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