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Prepare Your Business for the Black Friday Rush

Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year. Roughly 135 million people shop on Black Friday every year. 135 million! That’s a lot of people. So why not take advantage of it? Here are some great pointers on how to prepare your business for the busiest shopping day of the year.

Widen your horizons – offer online sales

With all the chaos happening in store – why not generate even more sales, but this time without all the mayhem? Not only does this help out with easing the chaos in your store, but you are actually allowing for customers who do not usually shop on Black Friday the opportunity to purchase something from your business. It’s important that your website is mobile and tablet friendly, otherwise people won’t want to follow through with the purchase if they run into any complications at checkout. You can also offer free shipping on items that are purchased on Black Friday.

Who said it had to be Black FRIDAY?

Why not take advantage of all the people who are looking to purchase something for the holiday season? You can start as early as Thanksgiving Day and run sales all the way through Cyber Monday. This allows you to gain extra traffic through your storefront and allows for people who usually do not shop on Black Friday the chance to take advantage of your awesome deals!

Take advantage of Marketing and Social Media

Send out blast emails to your customers offering a sale or free gift with purchase or something humorous that will grab your customers’ attention. Facebook and Instagram are probably the two easiest ways to get your message out to a large group of people. Have a lot of followers? Now is the time to put it to the test! Holiday promotions are an easy, low cost way of helping boost your sales during the holiday season. You can even offer an incentive that if they saw something about the promotion on Facebook or Instagram, give them a little gift or offer them 10% off their next purchase.

TouchSuite can help you thrive on your Black Friday strategy, contact a rep today.