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Preparing Your Restaurant for New Year’s Eve

Roughly half of adults spend their New Year’s Eve dining out at a restaurant. Many restaurant owners rely heavily on this night and what better way to close out the year? So why not take advantage of the holiday and see how much business New Year’s Eve can really bring you? Here are a few great tips on how to bring in customers and how to make sure they leave with a big smile on their face:

  1. Get ready for the crowd: It’s incredibly important to make sure that you will have enough seating for all of your guests for the evening. More seating means more staff. It’s always smart to make sure you have some extra employees to help handle the full-house madness and to make sure each customer is satisfied.
  2. Hire entertainment: Stand out from your competition and make it a fun atmosphere by having live entertainment or a grand performance at midnight. After all, midnight is the reason everyone is out so make sure it’s a ball drop they are going to remember! Or you can spice up the night by making it a themed evening. Start the night off by giving them something special right when they walk into the establishment and have they be greeted by fun, dressed up dancers and entertainers that have to do with the theme.
  3. Drink and meal specials: Who doesn’t love a drink special? It is New Year’s Eve and everyone, whether they are big time drinkers or not, is most likely going to have at least one glass of champagne. Make sure you stock up your inventory and prepare for the crowd. Another great option is to offer complimentary champagne at midnight. You can also offer an open bar or offer a meal package such as a prix fixe menu for the evening.
  4. Let everyone know: Your restaurant is finally prepared for NYE. Now how do you get the message out there? Social media and email marketing platforms are the easiest, most effective and cheapest way of getting this message out to your customers. It’s a great chance to get people to come to your restaurant by making them aware of all the great specials and events that will be going on that evening.

With all the above tips, your customers are bound to have a fun and memorable New Year’s Eve and there’s a really good chance that they’ll return next year! Take advantage of the holidays while you can.