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QuickBooks POS V18 Basic Software


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QuickBooks Point of Sale V18 Basic software comes complete with tools to ring up sales, track inventory, customize reporting, manage employees and manage discounts. With the latest version of QuickBooks Point of Sale V18, merchants can ring up sales on the sleek and stylish Microsoft Surface® Pro4. This software is simple to operate and integrates seamlessly with other Intuit software and technology.

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What’s New with QuickBooks POS Version 18.0?

  • Home screen has been updated to include important client information
  • Now includes hover over boxes for the customer rewards program and account balances
  • Restaurants have the ability to pin the menu while having access to the entire sales screen
  • Run reports based on busiest time of day, most popular items, least popular items and inventory check


QuickBooks POS Basic – Track Inventory

With every transaction, whether sale or return, your inventory is automatically updated. Understand what products your customers are buying, learn what needs to be restocked and what your product mix should look like. Features like custom barcodes, stock forecasting, and back orders help you keep your inventory management process organized and efficient. All stock updates are done in real time and within the QBPOS software.

QuickBooks POS Basic – Build Customer Profiles

Keep track of customer purchases and discounts all in one place, the system notifies you when a client is eligible for a reward. QBPOS enables customer relationship building through purchase tracking and client profiles. With the built-in loyalty program, you can easily set up what the purchase parameters are for earning rewards. Custom discounts can be applied and quickly add new customers to your database from the checkout screen. Add purchases and additional information to existing customer profiles for a more tailored checkout experience.


QuickBooks POS Basic – Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop

Transfer sales data, and sync customer data and accounts receivable with QuickBooks Desktop. At the end of your sales day, you can have your Point of Sale sync with QuickBooks Desktop reducing double entries so you save on both time and errors. Works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier 2015-2018 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 16.0-18.0.

QuickBooks POS Basic – Customized Reporting

Point of Sale reports provide detailed information in a wide variety of formats to help you manage inventory, analyze your sales, evaluate employee performance, make informed purchase decisions, and much more. There are several ways to choose the correct report for your needs or to access previously memorized reports. Report filters and options allow you to customize reports to include or exclude information (items, departments, customers, vendors, date ranges, etc.) and change display options. Once displayed, many reports offer the ability to QuickZoom, or drill down, to see additional detail or view related reports and documents. If you tend to run several reports together, you can easily run the group of reports at once from the Run Multiple Reports window, available from the Reports menu.


QuickBooks POS V18 Edition Comparison

Transfer sales data, and sync customer data and accounts receivable with QuickBooks Desktop1
Track inventory as you sell and receive items
Customize reporting for sales, inventory, customer purchase behaviors, and more
Ring up sales with Microsoft Surface® Pro 43
Sort in key workflows, like ring a sale, received items, returned items
Import customer files, vendor information, and create customer letters with Microsoft Excel and Word4
Create and manage employee access
Manage discounts, returns, store credit and gift receipts
Track petty cash payouts
Includes practice file for modeling without affecting your own business data
Track work and sales orders
Include pictures of inventory items
Track multiple vendors, UPC codes and serial numbers
Track employee hours and sales commissions
Customize price tags and receipts
Generate purchase orders automatically at pre-set inventory levels
Update prices and create discounts across products and departments
Track layaways
Increase traffic and sales by creating promotional pricing for specific items
Capture “ship-to” addresses for creating mailing lists and labels
Ship and track packages using Shipping Manager5
Set up a Rewards Program to increase sales and customer loyalty
Send time cards to QuickBooks for payroll processing6,7
Analyze sales and inventory data by store location
Access sales and inventory reports for each store location and roll them up to the “Company” level
Consolidate multi-store data into one file
Track inventory transfers between stores

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