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GRUBBRR Kiosk System


Using GRUBBRR self-service kiosks, quick-service and fast-casual restaurants grant guests the power to self-order, customize menu items, and pay for their entire meal, without need of a server or cashier. Self-service kiosks enable businesses to speed up the ordering and check-out process while eliminating long lines and wait times. Integrate GRUBBRR with your existing point of sale system or get setup with GRUBBRR point of sale!

Financing Option: $399-$449/month for 48 months


  • 21″ Elo Display
  • Credit Card Terminal
  • Receipt Printer
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Enclosure

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What Owners Say

“My customers are using the kiosks because it makes it easier for them. They don’t have to wait or get in line, they just walk in the store and place the order right away.” 

Gabriel Molina

Owner/Operational Manager of Diced Doral

Shorten Lines

Long lines = frustrated customers.

When a self-service ordering kiosk is available, 80% of customers would choose to order from the kiosk, rather than wait in line. 

Larger Ticket Sizes

Average check sizes get boosted.

Big chains have already seen a 30% increase in spending at kiosks thanks to this no pressure style of ordering.

Effective Upselling

Would you like to add on _________?

The system never forgets to ask customers about upsell options. This means, customers are adding on even more than they would have without a kiosk.

Improve Order Accuracy

Get their order right, every time.

With a self-ordering kiosk your customers get what they want, exactly how they want it.

Systems for Every Style & Space

Increase efficiency, accuracy, revenue, and loyalty with GRUBBRR’s customer-facing interactive ordering solutions.


With an ever-increasing expectation of quality and experience from customers, brands must continue to up the game and deliver increasingly human-centered technology. The big players in the industry are already utilizing this technology, we’re leveling the field.


Grubbrr will improve your business.

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Payment Types

EMV, Magstripe, Contactless, Smart Card


PCI PTS 4.x certified



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