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QuickBooks POS V18 Pro Hardware Bundle

$2,995.95 $2,488.00

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Save over 55% OFF retail price. QuickBooks Point of Sale V18 Basic software comes complete with tools to ring up sales, track inventory, customize reporting, manage employees and manage discounts.

Hardware Included

  • TouchDynamic Pulse Ultra All-In-One
  • IPP320 EMV Terminal
  • Receipt Printer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Cash Drawer

Merchant processing account required for discounted price.
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Why TouchSuite?

TouchSuite provides extremely low rates and no monthly fee!

QuickBooks POSQuickBooks
Flat PIN Debit Rate1.00% + $0.250.95% + $0.22
Swiped Rate2.30% + $0.251.95% + $0.22
Keyed Rate3.20% + $0.252.95% + $0.22

Auto sync with QuickBooks POS Pro

Our latest tech solution is Lighting Payments, a system that offers merchants a real-time integration with QuickBooks POS. With an auto sync payment interface, merchants have the ability of synchronizing their entire financial and accounting process, eliminating dual entries.


Build Customer Profiles

Keep track of customer purchases and discounts all in one place, the system notifies you when a client is eligible for a reward. With the built-in loyalty program, you can easily set up what the purchase parameters are for earning rewards. Custom discounts can be applied and quickly add new customers to your database from the checkout screen.

Track Employee Hours & Sales Commissions

With QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro you can allow your employees to clock in/out within the program. You also have the capability to run reports to view your employees time records and keep track of their hours worked. If you pay your employees a commission for sales, QuickBooks Point of Sale can calculate, and report commission amounts for you.


Create Rewards Program

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro allows you to offer customers rewards with their Customer Loyalty program. This program is a great tool and motivation for your customers to continue repeating their business with your store. Certain notifications are made to the cashier with the Customer Loyalty program such as when a reward is available for redemption or when a reward has been earned. The customer’s receipt reflects what has been redeemed and earned as well as the spending amount needed for the next reward.

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