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QuickBooks® POS Lightning App Demo

QuickBooks POS is a powerful tool for business owners. This software processes transactions and provides the sales reporting needed to make educated operational decisions. To simplify business procedures, we created the Lightning application for QuickBooks POS. Leveraging this application, business owners can save on payment processing while using the power of QuickBooks.

In the video below, we go over how to use our lightning application for QuickBooks point-of-sale.

QuickBooks POS is an ideal solution for mid to large-size retailers and multi-location businesses. TouchSuite is one of the only payment processing companies with a QuickBooks point-of-sale integration allowing us to offer substantially better rates for business owners. Our solution is compatible with versions 12 and 18 of QuickBooks POS.

First, we will open the QuickBooks point-of-sale application on your Windows Device. Lightning payments will automatically appear on your screen, to minimize the lightning app simply click on the gray rectangle bar, the app will be running in the background while you are in QuickBooks POS, in QuickBooks POS there are numerous ways to make a sale.

In this example we are going to make a one cent miscellaneous transaction. The lightning app can handle any kind of transaction. In this example we will be applying a credit card payment using our EMV compliant terminal, after applying the price we will click on credit as the pin method at the bottom of the screen, now we see the lightning application open. Using our EMV compliant terminal we can now accept their payment, the customer will insert their card into the chip reader, the terminal will ask the customer if the total is correct, the customer will hit enter now, the Lightning app shows that the transaction was approved, and all inventory adjustments are made automatically.

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