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QuickBooks Solutions and Taxes

Tax Season is Open! That means if you’re a business owner you need to get that paperwork in between January 19th – April 15, 2016. Lots of entrepreneurs take the DIY approach to pretty much everything, including doing their taxes.

TouchSuite has many integrated QuickBook’s Solutions, like ReCharge and Lighting. So we know our customers are going to want to be able to easily export their data for use during Tax Season. Below are a few helpful links and articles that explain how to transfer data. How do I import QuickBooks data into TurboTax Business? 

In case you skip the fine print, they give this warning at the bottom of the page.

Caution! Changing information you imported from QuickBooks may come back and haunt you later, for example if you are audited and have to explain why the numbers on your return differ from the original data source. For this reason, it's best that you update your data in QuickBooks before importing so that your books match your tax return. If you've already imported from QuickBooks, you can re-import the updated information by selecting the replace option when prompted. 5 Major Small Business Tax Mistakes to Avoid QuickBooks Tutorial – Income Taxes (Part 1)


There are many additional resources and helpful tips to be found online. If you’re looking to answers to product specific questions go to the parent company pages, like or for more information. 


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