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Quickbooks Tips for Restaurant Owners

A lot goes into owning a restaurant aside from the food preparations, creating a notable menu with unique options and generating excellent customer service. Many responsibilities of restaurant owners are often overlooked such as managing payroll and employees, purchasing inventory and paying the extensive list of bills each month. QuickBooks is the best solutions for all restaurant owners. Restaurateurs often rely on QuickBooks because it allows them to easily manage and pay employees, keep track of their inventory and manage stock levels.

Inventory Tracking

Through the use of QuickBooks, restaurant owners can easily track inventory without manually having to go around and count each ingredient and product by hand. With the unit of measure feature on TouchSuite’s restaurant point of sale system, you can track by a specific item.

Smart Financial Decision Making

By using QuickBooks, restaurant owners can easily see in which areas of their business are the most successful and which areas may be harmful towards the business. It can also help restaurant owners prepare for high-traffic seasons and holidays and allows them to be ready for when it happens. With QuickBooks, you can separate revenue by category or type, allowing you to make better financial decisions. You can create categories such as beverages, food and delivery in order to see the revenue stream of each category.

Manage Employees and Tip Distribution

It can be difficult to keep track of properly tipping your employees when it comes time for payroll. With QuickBooks, you can manually enter tip payments for each employee or you can set a default rate.

Sales Tracking

With your POS system, save time by tracking total number of sales per server and save this receipt in order to speed up the process. This saves you time entering information about each server.