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QuickBooks Payments vs Lightning Payments

QuickBooks POS is a powerful platform for business owners. QuickBooks POS is an ideal solution for mid to large-size retailers and multi-location businesses to easily process transactions and access key sales reports. To make business procedures simpler, we created the Lightning application for QuickBooks POS, a payments app that streamlines the sales process. Using this application, business owners can significantly save on payment processing while using the power of QuickBooks.

With the Lightning App, merchants can process payments and integrate data directly into QuickBooks Point of Sale software. Payments are processed inside QuickBooks POS, reducing the risk of double data and manual data entry error. This payment integration lets users process directly through TouchSuite. Switching over from QuickBooks Payments to Lightning Payments is easy and instantly saves merchants money on transaction fees and credit card fees. When compared against QuickBooks Payments, Lightning Payments rates are incredibly competitive and, in most cases, lower.

Once integrated, the Lightning application automatically appears in the QuickBooks POS dashboard and runs in the background while merchants continue using QBPOS as they normally would. Once the merchant is ready to process a payment, the Lightning application window re-appears on the dashboard and after the method of payment is selected, the Lightning Payments app automatically integrates the terminal with QuickBooks POS.

Lightning Payments allows QuickBooks software users to choose a more affordable payment processor. The advanced technology inside of the Lightning App allows merchants to save on processing while accepting all forms of payment. TouchSuite is one of the only payment processing companies with a QuickBooks POS integration allowing for substantially better rates for business owners. This solution is compatible with versions 12 and 18 of QuickBooks POS. By leveraging the power of the Lightning application, merchants save time and can focus their efforts on what’s important, growing their business.

Watch our Lightning Payments app demo for QuickBooks POS!

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