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Restaurant Owners: Keep Your Assets Safe – Part 1


Asset management and security is serious business for the restaurant industry, with incidents seeming to occur frequently. The National Business Security Survey estimates that $15.5 billion are lost each year in the US… just in employee theft. With so much fraud and mishandling happening all around us, from large corporations to small businesses, it can seem to be a hopeless situation at times.

However, attacks can take force from the outside as well. Credit card theft is an ongoing issue for both small and large corporations. Burglary is still a very real concern for many businesses, with more than 93 percent of owners said to have been victims of organized crime.

But why is security being compromised at restaurants and other businesses? What is happening that is making things so unsafe?


Card Handling 

Both owners and consumers are at risk when it comes to credit card handling. This is called a “data breach,” and it can occur several ways. The most popular ways information gets stolen are by gaining unauthorized access to a website (or “hacking”), mishandling of customer information, not properly disposing of computer hardware, theft of computer hardware and databases, and employee misconduct.


Cash Handling

Cash is often mishandled in restaurants. A problem that many companies have is allowing too many employees access to the safe or cash drawer. While managers may want to trust all employees, this can be a huge issue, especially if cameras are not directly overseeing the cash or safe area. Another overlooked issue is refund control. If there are no checks and balances as to whom may issue a refund, void payment or discount, then that leaves another hole for profits to seep out of.

As you see, it’s fairly easy for a series of data and security compromises to pile up in an ultimate loss of sales. However, there are a variety of methods you can use in your restaurant business to ensure safety and security.


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