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Restaurant POS Integration with QB Merchant Services

In what alternate universe would a restaurant manager want to pull reports from his POS system, his wall-mounted time-clock unit, his account software and his merchant services processor and reconcile them all separately?

No such universe exists, but believe it or not, small restaurant owners and managers engage in this redundant combination of tasks on a daily basis.

The easiest remedy is to eliminate the time clock. In fact, its presence in this article might just be to make you feel like you’re ready to move forward. Every major POS system designed for quick service and fast casual dining and even fine dining establishments has staff scheduling and time-card features built in. If yours doesn’t, skip straight ahead to the last paragraph and contact us ASAP because it seems that you might be stuck in 1999.

If you POS system has been designed in recent years, chances are that it is designed to integrate easily with your accounting software. QuickBooks database process converts easily to the common .csv file type, so it’s really easy for third-party developers to work with. There’s no reason you should need to enter your sales information manually into QuickBooks.

Same thing with the credit card processing machine; in the past, you’d have to print a nightly report to ensure that the servers tips were entered in properly and that the sales matched the report on the POS.  Now, having a card swiper on the same handheld terminal where servers take orders is a sign that all these different software programs are beginning to work together. You no longer need to “tell” the POS that the ticket was closed by a credit card because it already knows.

And finally, the services that closes the loop, QuickBook merchant services. For integrating the credit card, gift card and debit card transaction seamlessly into your accounting software.

In the past, these piggyback services that never really connected properly were a potentially huge source of employee theft. Aside from the possibility of becoming a security concern, the redundant paperwork that evolved on a daily basis could cripple an otherwise effective manager. Discrepancies could take hours and hours to track down.

Integrating all of the software that restaurant owners and managers use on a daily basis is one of the most exciting services a merchant card processor can do because it has such a profound effect on the daily lives of the people we serve. Contact us to see how easy it is to integrate your software systems today.

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