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How to Run Your Business Effectively with Software and Mobile Solutions

How to run your business more effectively might be something you have been thinking about a lot here lately. After all the more efficient your company runs, the better the work environment of your employees, customer satisfaction, and profit potential.

Here are some ways to get your company on the path to success.

Automate Accounting

Keeping your financials in good order is essential to the success of your business. Sales data no longer needs to be entered manually into your accounting software. With ipLink your sales figures can be sent automatically into QuickBooks Online, saving countless hours in labor. This also prevents user input errors that can cause you problems later on.

Make It Easier for Customers to Pay You

Being able to make a payment quickly and with no errors is easy with the Lightning Payments System. The system allows you to receive payments instantly into QuickBooks online via an iPhone. You can also process payments via our Lightning for QuickBooks application for QuickBooks Desktop.

Gift Cards Are Hot

Many retail and service firms offer gift cards. In today’s busy world people are often at a loss as to what to give for a gift so a card is a great option that helps ensure the receiver gets a gift they like. Pensmore can convert your existing gift card program to work with our other services or set you up with a new gift card system.  Companies that use gift cards often see a substantial increase in revenue, especially during times of high gift giving such as the holiday season.

Applications That Work Together

You might have noticed that all the solutions described above are easily integrated into one great system to improve your business’ productivity and organization. When applications have been tested and designed to work together you can rest easy in the knowledge that your company will not have to deal with figuring out why a program is not working with another or the exhausting research that can be required if you design your own system of software solutions.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business operate more effectively.