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Kiosks and Loyalty Programs

Operating a loyalty program in combination with other elements of your brand is important. The loyalty program should function in line with company values and priorities, but it is also important to turn discrete initiatives into a connected loyalty eco-system. This centralization of customer transactions can also create a goldmine of data on customer preferences and behavior.[1]

A self service kiosk is the perfect central location for this loyalty eco-system. First, a loyalty program offers the ideal vehicle to take advantage of the inherent customization aspects of a kiosk.  The unique loyalty program marker (a specific code, or card swipe) could allow the customer to see their past history of orders. Loyalty programs enhance the kiosk benefit of upselling by automatically reminding consumers of their past purchasing behavior. This leads to increased revenue for the company and increased satisfaction for the consumer.

The graphics of a kiosk also offer engaging graphics to support an engaging loyalty system. The kiosks have the technological capacity to mirror the best qualities of a mobile rewards system. For example, a kiosk has the user-friendly and colorful design to promote a lucrative loyalty program.

A kiosk combined with Referrizer, could allow the customer to share the company with friends in exchange for reward points or a specific reward or discount depending on the format of your specific loyalty program. A kiosk facilitates a technological extension of the natural “word of mouth” marketing that a loyalty program promotes.