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SEO & All You Need to Know about TownTarget

TownTarget: “The Anchor for all your Marketing Efforts”

Having trouble attracting new customers in order to increase business? Want to create more revenue from your existing marketing efforts? TownTarget is the perfect solution for you!

What is TownTarget?

TownTarget is the industry’s premium solution that helps your business get listed on the first page of search engines, without the need of a website. TownTarget is an effective marketing tool that can help get your company ahead of competitors when searching the Internet for your product or service. Once you create a TownTarget profile, it will allow new as well as existing customers to research all they need to know about your products and services and how they can go about actually purchasing them. TownTarget is designed to engage your business with thousands and thousands of people within your target marketing and can help you significantly increase your marketing existence without increasing your current costs.

TownTarget Features:

  • Allows searches through keywords and geo-targeting in unlimited cities
  • Profile management is completely handled through us, allowing the merchant unlimited changes to their profile
  • Customization within the network: use your own custom content such as images, text, videos, etc.

How TownTarget Can Benefit Your Business:

  • Increase monthly revenue by 5% to 20%
  • Expands entire web presence
  • Increase inbound lead volume
  • Creates a stream of impressions
  • Optimizes local listings
  • Maintains and spreads your brand name
  • Converts coupons and promotions

Typically, businesses experience a local visibility increase of 500% to 1000% or more after 6 months of adding their business to the TownTarget platform. The TownTarget directory was created with the goal of organizing information about local businesses in a way that is more meaningful, accessible and usable by consumers and search engine algorithms.

To learn more about TownTarget and what we can do for your business, please click here.