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Small Business Recurring Billing & Electronic Invoicing


What is it?

TouchSuite offers a secure billing platform that recovers lost revenue, and streamlines processes. This all-in-one solution delivers predictable revenue and automates your recurring billing, all through our secure recurring platform. Schedule recurring billing and get paid when it’s convenient for you.


Who is it for?

If you manually process payments on a prearranged, recurring schedule, then this is the software for you! Providing products or services for a single price and charging on a recurring basis can now be automated.

What are the benefits?

Get paid. Fast. By setting up payments on a recurring basis, you will automatically get paid on the date of your choice. Remove the need to chase clients, take cards over the phone, create invoices, or manually process payments every cycle. Streamlining your invoice process means time saved and steady, continuous revenue.


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Simplify your billing. Setting up new invoices is easy and only takes a few steps. Within minutes you can add a new client by selecting their terms, adding your items and entering the payment due date. You also have the option of being notified once the payment has been completed.


Recurring Billing

Supercharge your recurring billing. Easily add new profiles and view existing ones all in the same place. Quickly locate profile ID’s, transaction amounts, payment frequencies and toggle auto pay options on and off.

Clients & Emails

Keep up with your clients. Manage existing customers, edit contact information, add new clients and view available credit for each account. The clients section can also help you keep track of the emails you’ve sent out.


Items & Taxes

Product management made easy. Quickly add the items and services that you frequently bill for in the items section. Streamline commonly billed services by managing your tax rules and setting up custom percentages within the taxes section.


Managing payments couldn’t be easier. In this section you can view all of the completed transactions and sort them by client, payment type, date and more. Manually add new payments into the system and search for specific transactions – all within the same page.


Email Templates

Personalize your email templates. Within the settings area you have the ability to customize your outgoing email templates. This simple to use editor lets you personalize your correspondence, for a more tailored customer experience.

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Best Processing Rates

No competition when it comes to pricing.

TouchSuiteQuickBooks PaymentsSquarePayPalAuthorize.Net
2.3%-2.5% + $0.05
Per Transaction
2.9% + $0.25
Per Transaction
3.5% + $0.15
Per Transaction
2.9% + $0.30
Per Transaction
2.9% + $0.30
Per Transaction

Powerful Feature Set

Top tier solutions for a fraction of the cost.

FeaturesTouchSuiteQuickBooks PaymentsSquarePayPalAuthorize.Net
Accept AMEX Payments
Accept Discover Payments
Accept Visa Payments
Accept MasterCard Payments
Customize Invoices
Send Recurring InvoicesX
Invoice Notifications
Email Electronic Invoices
PCI Compliant
Take Payments by Smartphone
Customizable Follow-Up EmailsXX

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