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TouchSuite Strategic Partnerships - Payment Processing

Customized Solutions 

If you are looking to solve a unique payment processing challenge, create a customized solution to take to market, or simply interested in exploring a mutually beneficial business arrangement that adds value to your existing professional or business network, we would love the opportunity to speak with you. 
At TouchSuite, our Strategic Partnerships are not one size fits all.  We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to develop solutions to meet the demands of the ever-changing marketplace. That’s why, in addition to our ISO/Agent program, we have created a group to focus on customized Strategic Partnerships. 
Strategic Partnerships can be straightforward – like working with business influencers to generate quality referrals for our core electronic payment processing business – or more complex – like integrating to POS hardware and software, or developing free-standing legal entities to address specific  business needs.   

Great Source of Income For You and Your Organization 

In addition to helping our Strategic Partners create custom business solutions for their clients across a broad range of industries, becoming a Strategic Partner can be a lucrative source of supplemental income and/or an easy way to underwrite annual membership dues or other operational expenses.   
Here’s the math:
  • Assume CONSERVATIVELY the Partner provides two new referrals booked per month for the next 60 months, with each referral generating a $150 monthly commission to the Partner.  After 5 years, the total commissions would be over $550,000 (without the impact of compound interest!), and the recurring commissions revenue without any additional referral at that point would be $18,000/month, or $216,000 per year!
  • Note that commission is based on a few different factors, including:

         – Monthly processing volumes 
         – Pricing and net residual profit 
         – Commission rate (the larger the partnership, the higher the rate) 

What’s The Best Solution for You? 

To learn more about some of the specific types of Strategic Partnerships we are targeting, as well as actual Case Studies for each, select from the categories below: 

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