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Take Advantage of Halloween: Marketing 101

With Halloween right around the corner, plenty of people are starting to think about their customers and what kind of candy they are going to buy for their trick-or-treaters. In 2014, roughly $7.4 billion (almost a 7% increase of what was spent in 2013) was spent on Halloween such as costumes, candy, decorations and parties. Halloween has become more and more popular in adults throughout the past few years. Studies have shown that the first two weeks of October is when consumers are starting to begin their shopping for the Halloween festivities. Roughly $2.5 billion alone is spent on candy! Our poor teeth!

As marketers, we cannot stress enough how important it is for consumers to easily be able to find your Halloween costumes and products. Merchants should take the time to do research on which Halloween costumes are selling the most in order to use those keywords so that consumers can find your store quickly and easily. The top costumes for children range from princesses, animals, Spiderman and characters from the movie Frozen. The top costumes for adults are animals, witches, batman, pirates and zombies. Consumers are even spending a ton of money on their pets; pumpkins, hot dogs and devils being the most popular costumes for pets.

More and more consumers are doing their research for Halloween on their mobile devices. This is incredibly important for merchant to understand in order to create mobile-friendly websites and by putting their most important, high-selling point content in the middle of the screen, engaging the most from your customers.

Some cool marketing ideas to engage and interact with your customers:

  • Having a contest creates excitement while at the same time generates more sales and brand exposure
  • Offer “Limited Edition” items to your loyal fans who subscribe to your newsletters or follow you on your social media platforms
  • Promote Halloween specials via Direct Mail postcards, allowing you to target customers based on demographics
  • Coffee shops and restaurants can add pumpkin flavored items to their menu
  • Get creative with your pumpkin! Coffee shops can carve a latte into their pumpkin and bars can carve a martini or beer into their pumpkin — there’s a good chance this will end up on social media!
  • Nail salons can take advantage of the holiday by promoting Halloween-themed nail art
  • Hair salons can offer specials within the few days before and on Halloween to help add that extra touch to your Halloween costume – offer promotions on special hair styles or have one of your makeup artists help them decorate their spooky face!
  • Update your weekly newsletters to a Halloween-themed one by including some cool and funny pictures
  • Create Halloween-themed social media posts on your social media platforms
  • Candy-filled trick or treat bag to give out to customers with your business card

In the end, Halloween is supposed to be a fun time of the year – so take advantage of it and engage with your customers by offering fun specials to keep customers coming back year after year! Halloween can develop into a month-long marketing plan, so go ahead and get started!

Happy Haunting!