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Technology Solution Providers

TouchSuite is much more than just a Wholesale Merchant Services organization.  Our years of experience handling payments for over 50,000 merchants gives us the opportunity to learn about the many industries that we serve.  With this knowledge, we have been able to become Trusted Business Advisors and work with our clients and third-party technology solutions providers to create solutions that: 

  • Reduce Cost 

  • Streamline Operations 

  • Improve Customer Experience 


Point of Sale Solutions 

We have experience integrating and/or partnering with several different POS software and hardware companies: 

  • Allowing software and hardware providers to offer an end-to-end solution to their customers and prospects 

  • Providing referrals to our customers and prospects regarding some of the best hardware and software on the market 

  • Receiving referrals to offer our electronic payment solutions to their customers under our Partnership Referral programs 


Current Technology Partners include Grubbrr, Samsung, Clover, MicroSale, Quantiv, Paradise and others. 


Niche Technology Solutions 

If you have a technology solution that shares a common customer base with us, we’d love to add you to the list.  Examples include marketing, compliance, reporting and business intelligence solutions that bring added value to current customers. 



One of our strongest Technology Solutions is our GRUBBRR SMB Kiosk POS solution, offered in conjunction with GRUBBRR and Samsung, which is revolutionizing the way that Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are operating.  We are always looking for Strategic Partners to help introduce us – as you can see from the following video, the solution will make you a hero for referring us:  GRUBBRR SMB Kiosk  


Let’s Talk 

Whether your target is: 

  • High Risk Industries 

  • Medical Offices 

  • General Retail 

  • B2B Business Services 

  • Restaurants 

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop integrated solutions or quality business referrals 

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