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Tell me more about this “SurfSocial” product

SurfSocial is a “social Wi-Fi” (also known as “smart Wi-Fi”) service which offers business owners the ability to provide secured internet to their guests by allowing users to log on to the internet using their social media account or email address. SurfSocial customers benefit from a protocol that makes it easy for guests to stay connected when using the platform. As a result, business owners see an increased in foot traffic (attracting new and existing customers), see an increase in connections made with customers (keeping those customers) and are able to make smarter marketing decisions (by analyzing and benefiting from the consumer data they are able to collect).
As a business owner what do I get?
With SurfSocial Wi-Fi, each person who uses your business’s Wi-Fi becomes a marketing opportunity from very first moment they first log on. From that point forward, your business has almost unlimited opportunities to communicate with them through email and social media engagement to promote your business even more. Plus, customers love it because they’re not only given free, secured Wi-Fi but they are given the opportunity to use coupons that your business can send to them allowing them to become regular, loyal customers.
Business owners will receive:

SursSocial Features

What do guests see?
When a customer first logs on, they will be automatically prompted to “Like” or “Follow your business” on social media. This can add hundreds of new Likes to your business every month. In return, your business gains priceless customer information in the form of demographics, email databases and social media contacts. From there, your business can embark on a smart email marketing strategy that targets repeated guests and offer them more promotions to continue to bring them back.
These are the steps users will be prompted with:

SurfSocial Guest Steps

SurfSocial is the all-in-one marketing solution for your business.
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