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The Building Blocks of Modern SEO

The evolution of “good” SEO practices over the years has developed into a mix of complex and multi-surface strategies. As Google continues to change their algorithm and develop new ways of becoming a better search engine, businesses need to be sure to stay current with Google’s guidelines to build a strong online presence. Overtime, SEO practices that were a “must” have changed into strategies that don’t hold as much authority anymore.  An example would be the “link building” strategy of creating back links on 3rd party websites. Link building is definitely still a great SEO strategy but, doesn’t hold as much value as it used to and you need to be even more careful of what websites your backlinks are on to stay away from spamming.

Modern SEO includes the following strategies for building a strong online web presence:

  1. On-site optimization
  2. On-site content
  3. Local SEO
  4. Social Media
  5. Link building

On-site optimization covers strategies that enhance customer experience through technical improvements of a website. The different components for good on-site optimization includes mobile optimization, proper meta tags, site mapping, site indexing, navigation structuring, content availability, site speed and site security. On-site content covers the quality, accuracy and originality of content published on all the pages of a website. Local SEO encompasses getting a business listed on local directories and review sites that will influence a website’s organic search rankings. Even though social media has no direct involvement with SEO, it is closely related in the sense that social media is another tool to broaden customer audience with meaningful content to build brand loyalty and interaction. Lastly, link building involves a website’s link being placed on quality and relevant 3rd party websites for more brand visibility.

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