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Introducing SurfSocial: The Future of Wi-Fi

As everyone knows, Wi-Fi is something every business has nowadays and is something businesses are often giving away for free to their customers with nothing in return. Why not give away smart and free Wi-Fi instead of just free Wi-Fi? What is smart Wi-Fi you ask? Smart Wi-Fi allows customers and prospects nearby your business to connect to your Wi-Fi network through email or social media, which then automatically captures the user’s information and is streamed directly to your business’s dashboard. When customers join your Wi-Fi network, they are prompted to “Like” your social media pages, view an advertisement for your business, open your app or even visit your business’s website.

In your dashboard, you are able to view customer demographics, customer usage, what times are busiest, and customers’ favorite social media sites. You can also see how well your advertisements are preforming to guests and make any changes where you may feel is necessary. The dashboard also allows you to pull reports that include connections made, average connection duration, track guest usage, top guests and gender, age and device demographics.

Once you’ve captured a customer’s information, it is automatically synced into an email marketing platform such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or Fishbowl, and creates a customer list you simply cannot find anywhere else, with your real customers. Within the email marketing section, you are able to send email blasts, surveys, special offers and customized emails to your customers. You can promote your business to customers based on how often they visit your business, and if it’s been a while since they’ve been in, send them a custom offer to help promote customer loyalty! Smart Wi-Fi is extremely secure and also saves your employees time by no longer having to give out long passwords for guests trying to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Benefits of SurfSocial:

    • Powerful Dashboard That Helps You Understand Who Your Customers Are
    • Automate Your Marketing Through Automated Emails
    • Promote Guest Loyalty Through Guest Activity
    • Build Customer List to Reach More New & Returning Customers
    • Increase Social Media Presence and Following
    • Reward Program
    • Secure
    • Easy to Use