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The Redesign of Google Plus Local Pages

The information found online, primarily from Google, about a company has a significant impact on whether the user looks deeper into the information about the company or moves on to another business. Some of this information would include pictures, maps, directions, hours, website address and most importantly, reviews. All of this information could be found under the Google My Business page of a business and Google would make this information very accessible for any viewer when searching for a company/business on their search engine. However, Google is changing up the features and roles that Google+ Local pages will play for businesses and companies online. In their recent announcement, Google+ Local pages will no longer be supporting reviews, categories, directions, stars, photo uploads, interior photos, maps, hours, etc. Instead, Google+ pages will be more involved with letting users share with greater ease and to a wider audience with the Collections and Communities features. Google also, has simplified and improved the speed for the search, navigation and page recommendations features.

Information that will be displayed on the Google+ Local pages will include the company’s address, phone number, email and links to website. It is still suggested that business owners reach out to their customers for reviews. The easiest way to have customers engaged for writing reviews is by sending them a Google review link.

To generate the review page URL:

  • do a search on your business that generates the Knowledge Panel,
  • select the View all Google reviews link in the panel and
  • capture the URL (this is easiest in Chrome) for the Review Card.

The result of the url will look as follows:,1

But the URL can be shortened by going to to turn it into this:

To read more about the changes and updates click HERE

Example of new redesign of Google+ Local page