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Top 4 Must-Haves for Your Restaurant

It is crucial for restaurant owners to stay ahead of their competition. The restaurant industry is an incredibly competitive market and in order to be successful, restaurant owners need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and provide the best service around, both in the front and in the kitchen. These are a few pointers on how to stay on-top of the game.

  1. Online Ordering

There’s really no reason to not have online ordering for your restaurant. This allows customers to easily choose exactly what it is they want from the menu and send the order straight to the kitchen, all without taking up one of your tables in the establishment. It is completely up to the customer to add their own special requests and choose a time at which best conveniences them to come pick it up, always ensuring hot and fresh food. This is a great tool for businesses as it is seen at many restaurants and can give the opportunity to increase profits and acquire more customers.

2. Display Screens in the Kitchen

Pieces of paper get lost all the time. How would you feel if that specific piece of paper had your food order on it? And while you’re waiting, thinking your food is being prepared in the kitchen, it really is just sitting on the floor or in the garbage. Tickets can be extremely difficult to manage during high traffic hours and can be costing business owners more than they realize. Kitchen ticket printers can be costly to maintain throughout an entire year of business and often are not the most reliable way of placing an order. With display screens in your kitchen, servers place the order through their POS system and the food ticket is immediately transferred to the kitchen display screen, allowing you to view and track when the order will be ready. This allows businesses to see exactly how long it takes to get the order to the kitchen and the food to the table, providing much quicker service and running your business is a much more efficient manner.

3. Table-side Ordering

This is such a simple way to get your customers engaged at your restaurant. Allow your customers to communicate directly with the kitchen, lessening the chances of mistakes and allowing for a speedier service. This enhances the overall dining experience by allowing your customers to sit back and enjoy their time spent at your restaurant.

4. Ingredient Inventory

Tracking exactly how much of each ingredient is put into each meal allows you to save time and costs. Not only will you always be up-to-date of what’s in your inventory, but in real-time! Ingredient prices often change, so allow your point of sale system to calculate the shift of cost of goods for all items on your menu, ensuring that you will always be aware of where your profit margins stand.

With these simple tools, efficiently manage your business and enhance your customer’s dining experience while focusing on the things that matter most, let technology handle the rest for you. It’s important to take advantage of the latest in point of sale technology and make sure you have a system that is just right for your business.