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TouchSuite Gift Card Exchange

Gift Cards from Top National Brands Now Good as Cash for Merchants with Lightning Payments

Lightning users become the country’s first merchants able to accept payments from 100+ gift cards at an in-store point of sale system, through TouchSuite’s Gift Card Exchange

As new payment solutions and NFC technology continue to be introduced to the U.S. market, leading financial technology company, TouchSuite, has launched a groundbreaking purchasing technology that requires nothing more of consumers than to relocate their stack of unused gift cards. Through TouchSuite’s Gift Card Exchange (GCE), a network of gift card brands including everything from Starbucks, to Macy’s and Best Buy, merchants of TouchSuite’s Lightning Payment solution may now accept the gift cards of more than 100 top brands as a form of payment from their customers. By simply swiping the card or keying in the brand, balance, and account number, the customer will immediately receive a cash bid for what their gift card would be worth if sold through TouchSuite’s GCE system and used for that purchase. Merchants that use Lightning Payments are currently the only brick-and-mortar retailers that can use a gift card exchange solution in store at the point of transaction.

“From NFC technology, to EMV processing, the payment space is clearly experiencing a significant period of growth through innovation, which, for a payment technology company like ours, presents a unique opportunity to explore new and often pioneering ways to enhance our line of SMB solutions,” said TouchSuite founder and CEO, Sam Zietz. “Our Gift Card Exchange program presents yet another revolutionary advancement in the payment industry that benefits both the consumers and merchant- the ultimate objective in everything we do here at TouchSuite.”

Lightning Payments is one of the country’s only processing solution fully integrated with QuickBooks®, providing users with a much more affordable, synchronized payment processing option than its native solution, QuickBooks Payments. Lightning also comes with a full line of payment-related tools for QuickBooks POS users to enhance and expedite the merchant’s transactional capabilities, including faster processing than QuickBooks’ own payment solution, as well as EMV-ready processing capabilities. Lightning is also integrated with QuickBooks online, allowing merchants to check data from their POS via QuickBooks cloud-based solution, as well as Virtual Terminal capabilities for hardware-free, card-not-present e-commerce. And launching this month, Lightning mobile QuickBooks integration will allow users to handle everything from tipping, email receipts, and wireless printer connectivity via their smart phone or tablet. Lightning provides cutting-edge credit card encryption, ensuring superior consumer security.