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TouchSuite Launches SurfSocial, A Social Marketing Tool

TouchSuite Launches SurfSocial, a Social Marketing Tool that Helps Businesses Better Understand their Clients and Turns Guests into Loyal Customers

SurfSocial’s marketing solution provides business owners the ability to better market to their customers and nearby prospects by offering free and secured Wi-Fi.

Leading technology company TouchSuite is now equipped to offer SMB owners with the most innovative marketing solution through the use of Wi-Fi. Businesses can exponentially increase their exposure amongst potential and existing consumers within their business establishment.

“The primary goal in everything we do at TouchSuite is to strengthen the opportunity for small businesses to flourish, even when up against the generous marketing budgets of their corporate competitors,” said TouchSuite CEO Sam Zietz. “SurfSocial’s affordable and highly-effective marketing program satisfies this goal in a big way and we’re thrilled for the chance to offer our clients yet another opportunity to thrive in a crowded and competitive consumer marketplace.”

“Overall, customers are slowly getting accustomed to free Wi-Fi access and this is creating an expectation for free availability. If your business doesn’t offer free Wi-Fi, it can be damaging as on average, one in ten people leaves the venue in the absence of free Wi-Fi access,” said Brenda Zuniga, Marketing Director of TouchSuite. “By offering SurfSocial under the TouchSuite umbrella, we are extending the service opportunities to thousands of businesses who would benefit from the increased revenues SurfSocial produces.”

Effective for both independent single-location retailers and multi-location businesses, SurfSocial’s digital marketing solution offers the all-in-one marketing tool for any business type. This service captures customer information such as emails, usage, demographics and even helps increase a business’s overall social engagement as well as followers; making it easier to market to new and existing customers.

SurfSocial delivers a truly innovative solution that integrates Wi-Fi access and social networking to drive targeted marketing engagement up. SurfSocial debuted in July 2016; for more information visit Register for our webinar on Thursday, July 21st by clicking here.

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