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TouchSuite’s Lightning Payments™ Launches ReCharge, an Advanced Recurring Billing Software Solution

TouchSuite released ReCharge, designed to streamline subscription management and recurring billing.


Leading U.S. technology company, TouchSuite, has expanded the availability of its QuickBooks® – integrated processing solution, Lightning Payments, by offering ReCharge, a solution that makes invoice management and recurring billing simple.

ReCharge changes the way business owners look at their customers’ billing process by providing helpful tools that offer detailed insights into customer behavior. A real-time dashboard and intuitive user-interface makes it easy to access information about revenue, signups and cancellations. ReCharge evaluates customers’ billing history, thorough transaction information to uncover trends that will produce smart business decisions. ReCharge also provides businesses the power to increase revenue and optimize conversions by testing different subscription plans and free trial pricing models.

“We understand there are a lot of challenges when it comes to managing subscriptions and invoices; therefore, we wanted to provide a software that was backed up by powerful functionality coupled with its ease of use,” said CEO Sam Zietz. “Today’s small business owner requires a solution that can provide insights about their business and ReCharge offers just that: a quick and highly secured subscription credit card system that even integrates into your existing QuickBooks Online software.”

Some highlights include:

  • Integration with QuickBooks Online Edition
  • Increase on-time collections
  • Flexible billing options
  • Invoice customers in a secure platform
  • Manage invoicing
  • Receive payment safely
  • Auto-bill subscribers

With Recharge, you can get start quickly and start receiving payments from customers today!


About TouchSuite: TouchSuite® is a leading technology company, delivering integrated and stand-alone electronic payment, advanced marketing and QuickBooks® solutions tailored to small-to-mid-sized businesses across multiple verticals. TouchSuite’s offerings empower SMBs to grow their businesses with the efficiencies and scale normally available only to larger companies. The company’s suite of products include: robust point of sale solutions, EMV-enabled credit card acceptance, full mobile capabilities including ApplePay, and other mobile transaction technologies; Lightning Payments™, TouchSuite’s auto-sync payment interface with P2P encryption that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, alleviating double data entry; and the fully integrated Gift Card Exchange Program, enabling SMBs to accept Gift Cards from more than 100 leading retailers across the country.

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