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Self-service kiosks are a great solution for anyone looking to future-proof their business. Labor costs are rising, consumer expectations are changing, and good talent is becoming harder to find. Although we still need real employees for certain roles, the order taking/cashier role can easily be automated with a self-service kiosk. In a world where cash is dying, people are living in their smartphones, and waiting for goods and services is becoming obsolete, business owners must adapt to keep up with consumer expectations. 


Self-service kiosks fit right in this equation because they cater to the consumers’ expectations of quick and efficient service. A good self-service kiosk should be able to display your entire menu in an easy-to-navigate format. This includes categories, items, descriptions, prices, modifiers, and much more. This gives the customer the ability to order what they truly want, down to the dipping sauce.


The GRUBBRR self-service kiosk is the first affordable kiosk solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our self-service kiosk system includes a comfortable user interface designed to draw the consumers’ attention to the product images and modifiers. The idea here is to let consumers buy with their eyes first and their wallets second. Modifiers can be implemented to allow for order customization but are also useful for increasing order sizes. For example, premium toppings like avocado, bacon, or egg can be offered at an additional cost. Other options such as ‘Add a drink’ or ‘Make it a combo’ can be offered to encourage the consumer to up the order.


Imagine this. A customer comes in for a regular hamburger that you sell for $9.99. After selecting the burger they’re prompted with a modification screen where they can add premium toppings, drinks, and sides. The customer now opts for the bacon and a side of fries for an additional $4.99. This just raised the order size 50% without any extensive employee training or having to ‘push’ it on your customer. 


The best thing about a kiosk: it upsells every time, every order.


On the checkout screen, the kiosk can also go for a smart upsell, ask for a tip, and capture customer contact info. This not only provides a smooth customer experience, but it also allows you to interact more with your customers and influence to spend more in your establishment. By capturing your customers’ information, you will be able to retarget existing customers and bring them back in with promotions and other marketing efforts.


The systems revolve around our easy-to-use back office which allows you to operate all of your POS, kiosks and ordering devices from one location. You can pull up your back office and make changes from any device that can access the internet. This means you will be able to manage your business from any phone or computer whether you’re at your house, at the businesses, or when you’re on the beach drinking a margarita!

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