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What’s New with QuickBooks POS V18?

QuickBooks POS is a powerful tool designed to help businesses run efficiently. Available in three versions, Basic, Pro and Multi-store, users can process transactions, track sales, capture customer information and manage inventory. Over the years, the platform has received improvements and recently released the latest version of its software, QuickBooks POS V18.

With QuickBooks POS V18, there is easier and quicker access to customer information. Important customer details such as account balance, available credit, notes and purchase history are now easily found without having to click through different icons. For businesses providing customer rewards, hovering over the rewards icon now displays reward values and how much is left to earn the next one. With sales history and purchase tracking easily available, checkout experiences are unique to each customer, improving customer loyalty and retention efforts.

The reporting tool has been updated to provide reorder automation and additional insight into what sells and what doesn’t. Each transaction (new sale, customer return or item order) updates the inventory levels in the system. Inventory purchase orders can be set to auto create, eliminating the risk of running out of certain items. Inventory reports can be customized to pull information by date, providing a simple overview into what is in stock, what is running low and what is selling quickly. Some of the optional, advanced inventory features available include layaway management, UPC inventory management and sales order.

Another notably update in QuickBook POS V18 is its compatibility with Microsoft Surface Pro.  Having the option to operate QuickBooks POS V18 on a tablet, makes running operations portable. This new compatibility speeds up “back office” tasks, frees up space counter space, increases business owner flexibility to move around the store and allows inventory checks to be conducted from anywhere in the store.

QuickBooks Point of Sale has evolved over the years and remains one of the best solutions for direct integration into QuickBooks software, eliminating the risk of data entry errors. This latest release of QBPOS comes with features that simplify day to day tasks, auto inventory updates and new Microsoft Surface Pro compatibility -speeding up operations and increasing business flexibility.

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