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Why Listing Accuracy is Important for Local Search

We are all familiar with local directory listings such as Google Maps,,,, etc. but, why is it so important to have your business listed on all those directory listings? Having your business listed on as many authoritative online directories as possible can have a great positive impact on your business’s web presence and search engine rankings. Having your business listed on as many online directories provides a great amount of information and data for search engines to become familiar with your business. Additionally, it will help tell search engines where your business is located,  making it optimal for an increase in  visibility of local searches.

The MOST important factor is making sure  your business information across all local directories is accurate and consistent! The reason why it is so important to keep information accurate is to prevent someone from not being able to reach due to an incorrect address or phone number. Having wrong business information on your local directories can lead to unsatisfied and frustrated customers, which leads to loss of potential customers.

Another reason why it is so important to have your business information consistent across all directories is to avoid confusing Google as Google will penalize you for conflicting information! [combine this thought with next paragraph]One of the biggest attributes to Google’s algorithm, when it comes to providing search results to keyword searches, is a business’s credibility.

To make sure your business’s local directories are in the best shape, do the following –

  1. Make sure to have a Google My Business listing!!
  2. Do a Google search of your local business and open every link containing your business information.
  3. Find all the variations and inaccuracies of your information and fix it.

If you don’t have the time or don’t know how to update incorrect business information on local directories, there companies to help you do that—TouchSuite being one of them.