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Why Restaurants Need Contactless Ordering

In the world of COVID-19, every restaurant’s priority should be to create a safe and clean environment to win back the trust of the consumer. Even after all quarantine and social-distancing measures are officially suspended, the fear of infection will continue to persist and will deter customers from readily returning to restaurants unless businesses get ahead of the issue now. Contactless ordering techniques will play a key role in establishing safe ordering practices and winning back the trust, and therefore the business, of the customer.

Using QR code technology, GRUBBRR’s contactless ordering system allows customers to order right from their phones. It is as easy as taking out your smartphone, opening the camera app to scan the QR code printed and posted on the door or window of the restaurant, and bringing up the menu directly on your phone. This would let customers order food from any number of places, be that on the curb or from the comfort and safety of their cars. After submitting their order, customers will have access to a number of mobile payment options, including credit, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and more. The restaurant just then needs to prepare the order and bring it out for a curbside pick-up. Although customers won’t necessarily be settled at tables inside the restaurant as they used to be, contactless ordering can bring customers back out to restaurants, give them a safe way to order, and encourage them to re-engage with the business. Contactless ordering holds the key to safe ordering in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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