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Why You Should Attend the Tri-Annual Agent Training

At TouchSuite’s headquarters, we are very excited and busy preparing for our Tri-Annual Agent Training October Event. From October 3rd through October 5th, 2016, TouchSuite Agents from all throughout the United States will be traveling to Boca Raton, Florida for our exclusive training event. This event hosted by TouchSuite is an excellent opportunity for our outside sales agents to come to our headquarters, meet our executive team, receive trainings and demos on each of our products and services, learn about commissions and ask any questions you may have.

Each agent that attends the training will benefit from a deeper understanding of our products and services and all the knowledge necessary to close a deal. Some of the products and services agents will be trained on include:

  • Lightning Register/Poynt
  • Lightning for QuickBooks
  • Lightning ReCharge
  • SurfSocial
  • TownTarget
  • Directory Listings
  • Restaurant POS
  • Cash Advances
  • Payroll

TouchSuite Agents will receive a TouchSuite branded thumb drive containing important, valuable information about each of our products and services that were discussed during the training. Agents are able to view this at any time they please, referencing back to significant features and benefits of our products and services. Once agents have officially completed the training, they will receive a Certificate of Completion stating that they have successfully completed the training and are now certified with all the necessary knowledge to sell TouchSuite products. The certificates will be signed upon completion by both our CEO, Sam Zietz and our Executive Vice President, Michael DePinto. We can’t wait to meet all of you and are looking forward to another successful agent training.