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5 Tips to Build and Keep Clients at Your Salon

There are different ways to promote salons in order to get people to know about them. However, how you do it and treat these one-time consumers will determine whether or not they are going to return to your business. Working on building a good company image and providing the best service to clients is essential in order to help your business achieve the goal of actually getting people to your salon and insuring that they come back.

1. Network

Use the local businesses you have a close relationship with and other useful connections you may have to partner with them in order to help attract new clients to your salon. Tell these businesses that you will let your clients know about what they have to offer and how great of a company they are and they will do the same in exchange; making it a win-win situation. This is often easier when such businesses have a similar client base.

2. Create a Referral Program

Allow your current customers to have the opportunity to earn unique rewards or points when they bring new friends or family to your business. The rewards can be anything that will benefit both of you, just make sure that it is something that will motivate customers to want to bring in new customers. Examples of these include a free manicure, haircut or even a free consultation a specialist can easily attract their attention.

3. Target New Clientele

Bringing in new and different clientele can be extremely beneficial for your business; as long as it doesn’t slow down your efficiency. Offer some competitive prices for men or children’s basic haircuts, which may attract them to go to your salon over going to their typical barber shop. Designating a portion of your salon to allow their children to play while their parents relax and get pampered is a great way to attract families. This also allows them to get the most out of their experience while in your salon. Not only will this help attract new customers, especially people living busy lives, but it will most certainly make them want to return.

4. Use your Website and Social Media Platforms as a Magnet for Clients

Taking advantage of Internet marketing for your salon is key when attracting new clients. Make sure your website is mobile friendly, easy to operate and straight to the point. Include easy access buttons to schedule or cancel an appointment. The idea of using essential key words for your site will help to increase your ranking of Google, thus increasing traffic to your site. The use of advertisements can also help improve your rankings within Google. Starting a blog keeps clients updated on new fashion trends and allows them to stay engaged with what is going on in your salon from a day to day basis.

5. Convince Your Customers Why Your Salon is Their Best Option

After all the effort you’ve put in to attracting new customers, it is even more important that they return. It is crucial to treat all your customers as if they are your best clients, and that they feel special, welcome and comfortable every time they visit your business. Once a customer faces a bad experience, they are most likely not going to come back. So, always make sure to treat your customers the best you can.