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What TouchSuite Offers to Gyms and Fitness Centers:

accept and process credit card merchant processing Quick Approvals: Fast and easy onboarding for all types of fitness businesses.
accept and process credit card merchant processing Industry-Leading Partnerships: Including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Wells Fargo, Fiserv, TSYS, FFB, Clover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.
accept and process credit card merchant processing Level 1 PCI Facility: Guaranteeing the highest levels of data security.
accept and process credit card merchant processing Decades of Experience: Over 20 years serving more than 50,000 merchants.
accept and process credit card merchant processing 24/7 Domestic Support: U.S.-based, round-the-clock customer service.
accept and process credit card merchant processing Transparent Technology: Insights into your processing analytics.
accept and process credit card merchant processing Innovative Solutions: Tailored for subscriptions, memberships, and recurring billing.
accept and process credit card merchant processing Rapid Funding: Funds are received the morning after batching out.
accept and process credit card merchant processing Comprehensive Systems: Including terminals, POS systems, and payment gateways.
accept and process credit card merchant processing
Seamless Integration: With accounting systems and multiple payment options.

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In today's fast-evolving fitness industry, the demand for efficient, secure, and flexible payment processing systems is more crucial than ever. TouchSuite stands at the forefront, revolutionizing the payment experience for gyms and fitness centers.


Why Choose TouchSuite for Your Gym & Fitness Center?

  1. Simplified Transactions: TouchSuite's fitness center program is expertly designed to streamline credit card and membership payments, allowing gym owners to concentrate on what they do best - enhancing their clients' fitness experience.
  2. Responsive to Industry Dynamics: The fitness sector is continuously evolving. TouchSuite keeps pace by regularly updating its merchant services and payment processing technology, ensuring gyms are equipped with the latest tools to handle member transactions efficiently.
  3. Prioritizing Security: In an industry where member trust is paramount, TouchSuite places a strong emphasis on the security of transactions. Our digital payment solutions are reliable and bolstered with advanced security measures to protect both gym owners and their clients.
  4. Customized for Fitness Needs: Recognizing the distinct needs of fitness businesses, TouchSuite offers tailored solutions. From advanced POS systems to integrated payment processing, our services are adaptable to fit the unique requirements of gyms and fitness centers.
  5. Expert Guidance: Our team of business consultants, experienced in the fitness industry, is always available to provide insights and recommendations, helping gyms optimize their payment processes.


Future-Proof Your Fitness Business with TouchSuite

As the fitness marketplace grows and transforms, having the right payment processing partner becomes vital. TouchSuite is more than just a service provider; we are a committed partner, dedicated to assisting gyms and fitness centers navigate the complexities of financial transactions. By partnering with TouchSuite, gym owners invest in seamless, secure, and efficient payment solutions, ensuring their business is ready for the future.

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