About TouchSuite

Who We Are

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, TouchSuite is one of country’s leading fintech companies. Throughout the years, TouchSuite has made repeat appearances on Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500” list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Originally founded to serve as a merchant processor, TouchSuite has evolved into an award-winning full service fintech company that provides solutions for businesses of all sizes across a vast range of industries.

What We Do

At TouchSuite, we deliver fintech solutions that help business owners thrive within the community. Our tools have been designed with business owners in mind — our goal is to assist growing businesses reach the next level of success. We provide point-of-sale systems that are fully integrated with affordable payment processing services.

In addition to our POS systems and merchant processing, we offer access to working capital,  and personalized support to our valued clients. TouchSuite’s suite of tools caters to a variety of small to medium-sized businesses. We provide innovative, scalable, and affordable solutions for businesses seeking a true advantage when it comes to efficiently managing their payment processing.

At TouchSuite we focus on having a team-oriented winners’ mentality with every challenge and opportunity we approach. Our core values are intrinsic to our current and continued success.

  1. Be an Entrepreneur – We think and act like owners.
  2. Act With Urgency – We don’t wait, we act.
  3. Turn Problems Into Opportunities – Where others see difficulty, we see opportunity to bring solutions.
  4. No Excuses – Whatever it takes, we deliver results.
  5. Passion to Win – We are competitive in everything we do.

Why TouchSuite

We believe local business owners can have a major impact on the economic development of a community. As we provide solutions that help our clients grow, we assist in the development of local economies. Innovation and disruptive technology are changes we’re proud to embrace and promote. Our forward-thinking state of mind is reflected in our technology and services. We facilitate the growth of our client’s businesses; we are the entrepreneur’s partner.