7 Strategies to Drive More Sales in Your E-commerce Store

If you want to boost your business revenue, you have three options: You can reduce costs, raise prices, or increase sales. The first two options are finite—you can only reduce costs so far without sacrificing operations, and raising prices too much will drive away customers.

Increasing sales volume is where e-commerce businesses can find the most growth potential. Theoretically, there’s no limit to how much you can increase sales—you’ll just need to build your internal capacity to meet demand. Boosting your e-commerce sales can result in more money in your pocket and a more stable long-term outlook for your company. In this article, we will explore seven strategies to drive more sales in your e-commerce store while also discussing how Touchsuite can help you achieve your goals.

What are the key factors that influence e-commerce sales?

Market trends, competitor activities, marketing efforts, and seasonal buying patterns can all lead to fluctuations in online sales. Despite this, the main drivers of e-commerce sales are simple: Sales depend on how many people visit your online store, what percentage become customers, and how much each customer spends on your products or services.

Improve your sales funnel

You can optimize your efforts by using e-commerce site metrics to identify weaknesses in your sales funnel. For example, if you have a high conversion rate but relatively few website visitors, you might focus on top-of-funnel marketing strategies like social media campaigns and paid advertisements. If you have plenty of site traffic but a low conversion rate, you might focus on improving the online shopping experience for website visitors.

By analyzing your sales funnel and making data-driven improvements, you can increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts and drive more sales.

Launch a paid ad campaign

Running paid ads can help you quickly increase traffic to your online store. Paid ad campaigns can include traditional formats (like outdoor advertising on billboards, print ads in physical or online magazines and newspapers, and TV and radio commercials) and digital advertising (like social media, display, and search engine ads).

Digital advertising can be an effective strategy for e-commerce businesses. It can reach a large and geographically dispersed audience and allow businesses to target potential customers based on demographic factors, interests, and browsing behaviors. Digital ads also allow potential customers to click through directly to your e-commerce site, making it easy for you to attribute sales to individual ads.

Touchsuite offers comprehensive digital advertising solutions that can help you launch successful paid ad campaigns. Their expertise in digital marketing and advertising can assist you in creating targeted and impactful ads across various platforms, maximizing your reach and driving more traffic to your e-commerce store.

Partner with an influencer

Influencer marketing involves partnering with one or more creators to build brand awareness and boost sales. It can be helpful for increasing reach and establishing credibility with prospective customers in niche audience segments.

Influencer marketing partnerships can take many forms. Unpaid gift programs are where brands send free products to creators in hopes of earning coverage, while long-term brand ambassadorships involve establishing long-term partnerships with creators.

Distributing coupon codes is one particularly effective way to use influencer marketing to boost sales. Find influencers popular with your target customers and compensate them for sharing discount codes with their followers.

Touchsuite can assist you in finding the right influencers for your brand and managing influencer marketing campaigns. Their influencer marketing solutions help you identify relevant influencers, negotiate partnerships, and track the performance of your campaigns, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment.

Use social media marketing

If one of your objectives is to increase traffic to your e-commerce store, you can use social media marketing to increase brand awareness, educate audiences about your products, increase followers, and encourage customers to click-through to your site. Social media marketing can also help you improve customer retention and encourage repeat purchases by providing them with long-term value.

To maximize your return, select social media platforms where your target customers are active. Use a social media management tool, like Touchsuite's social media management solutions, to help you create and schedule quality content, interact with audiences, and track your performance. Their tools enable you to streamline your social media marketing efforts, save time, and effectively engage with your target audience.

Enable in-app shopping

In-app shopping can decrease the barrier to purchase by allowing mobile shoppers to purchase an item advertised on a social media platform without leaving the social app. If you advertise on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, you can also increase online sales by taking advantage of these platforms’ in-app shopping functions.

By enabling in-app shopping, you provide a seamless and convenient purchasing experience for your customers, reducing the chances of them abandoning their purchase due to friction points. This can lead to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Touchsuite offers solutions that can integrate in-app shopping functionalities into your social media advertising campaigns. With their expertise, you can optimize your social media ads for in-app purchases, making it easier for customers to buy your products directly from the social platforms.

Start an email marketing campaign

Like social media marketing, email marketing can increase brand awareness, encourage click-throughs to your e-commerce site, and generate sales. It can also increase customer retention and encourage repeat customers. For example, you can distribute an email newsletter to provide entertainment or educational value to customers, increasing loyalty and keeping your brand top of mind.

When implementing an email marketing campaign, make sure to segment your audience based on their interests, past purchases, or browsing behavior. This allows you to send targeted and personalized emails that are more likely to resonate with your recipients. Additionally, consider offering exclusive discounts or promotions to your email subscribers to incentivize purchases.

Touchsuite offers robust email marketing solutions that can help you create and execute effective email marketing campaigns. Their tools enable you to segment your audience, design visually appealing emails, automate campaigns, and track key metrics to optimize your email marketing efforts.

Enhance your website's user experience

A seamless and user-friendly website experience can significantly impact your conversion rate. Make sure your website is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for mobile devices. Improve your product pages by including high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and customer reviews. Simplify the checkout process and offer multiple payment options to accommodate different customer preferences. Additionally, consider implementing live chat support or a chatbot to assist customers and address their inquiries promptly.

Touchsuite provides website development and optimization solutions that can help you create a compelling and user-friendly e-commerce website. Their website builders and optimization tools enable you to design and customize your website to maximize conversions and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Increasing sales in your e-commerce store is vital for business success. By focusing on driving website traffic, optimizing conversions, and maximizing customer value, you can boost sales. Strategies like SEO, social media marketing, influencer partnerships, and email marketing help reach a wider audience and engage customers. Touchsuite, a leading provider of integrated business solutions, offers tools and expertise in digital marketing, user-friendly website builders, and e-commerce platforms to enhance your online presence and drive sales. Implementing these strategies and utilizing Touchsuite's resources can position your business for long-term growth.


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