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Avoid Data Breaches, Read This & Keep your Data Secure!

Recently, an estimated 56 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen from Home Depot’s database. Millions of individuals were affected by this massive data breach that impacted Home Depot’s POS systems. Home Depot is just one of the various businesses that have been impacted by these recent data breaches. Business owners should not be surprised if more incidents like this arise within the upcoming months. Instead, owners should be preparing themselves for such a situation and securing their POS systems.


It is crucial for business owners to examine their POS systems to identify any vulnerability that they might have. Once they find any weaknesses, owners must take the necessary measures needed in order to ensure that their POS system will not be hacked. Owners need to practice solid and strict security measures on all of their POS servers. It’s extremely important to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to cash registers and the business’ financial systems. This can potentially be difficult for businesses, because these days, businesses are opting to outsource server and software services over to cloud vendors. This means that their data is being moved to other data centers and therefore, is no longer under the supervision on the business itself which can harmful towards the business itself.


Since, cloud providers are beginning to take over the POS software world, it’s important that business owners understand the Service Level Agreement. In the event that a data breach ever occurs, this agreement provides businesses a degree of protection. In the SLA, data protection plays a huge role and the security measures should be clearly presented in the agreement. To ensure that their data is being secure, businesses should conduct reviews with a qualified IT consultant. No matter if a business has a cloud-based or traditional POS system, it is their priority to secure their customers’ data at all times.


Another way to secure your POS System is to monitor your employee’s behaviors. As POS systems are going mobile, confidential customer data is being stored on smartphones, tablets, and sometimes even flash drives. This information can easily be stolen or misplaced. Business owners that allow their employees to take those devices home with them need to ensure that the information is being properly secured. You do not want your customer’s information getting into the wrong hands. So, each device should be protected with passwords and any external hard drives should be securely locked with passcodes.


Today, POS system data breaches are becoming so common that businesses are scrambling to find ways so that they can secure their data. If businesses practice a few of these techniques, they can ensure that their customer’s data is safe and in the right hands.