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List of Businesses Best Suitable for QuickBooks Point of Sale

For retail stores, a point of sale system is an essential part of doing business. Integrations to inventory software, sales reporting and other time saving features are a necessity. QuickBooks POS is ideal for retail businesses that have inventory to keep track of. QuickBooks Point of Sale offers powerful tools that enable small, medium, and multi-location retail business owners to easily track inventory, ring up sales and manage customers -all while syncing automatically with QuickBooks accounting software. We’ve compiled a list of businesses that would benefit from integrating with the system, based on some of the features offered by QuickBooks Point of Sale.


Small stores selling fashion accessories, clothes or shoes. These shops offer highly specialized services and items. Boutique owners can use the layaway feature to keep track of customer installments and balances due.

Liquor Stores

A shop that primarily focuses on selling beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages. Bottle and case inventory levels are automatically updated after every transaction. Liquor store owners can easily view which bottles need to be restocked and receive reminders to stock up for upcoming holiday seasons.

Hardware Store

Stores selling household hardware, tools and other house and garden items. Hardware store owners can track customer purchases and view buying behavior, for an easier upsell. Customer rewards programs can be set up and promotional prices managed.

Small Franchises

A retail shop, offering products and services with multiple locations. Store owners can adjust and transfer inventory between stores and view sales/inventory data by individual store location. Multi-location functionalities enable store owners to track merchandise units available at each store.

Other businesses QuickBooks POS is suitable include, convenience stores, dollar stores, sporting goods stores, gift shop and auto part stores. Whether a business is just starting off with a new store or growing and expanding to multiple locations, QuickBooks Point of Sale is designed to simplify daily operational tasks.

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