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GreenSheet, December 2014

Relationships are Integral to Rapid Growth

When asked what contributed to this long-standing run, TouchSuite CEO Sam Zietz mentioned urgency and focus. He also discussed the important of disruptive technology and strategic planning, but remarkably, his every line seemed to begin of end with the word “people.” For example, he said, “You have to have a strong foundation of people. Until you have the first foundation, you can’t go on to the next level.”

Accoring to Zietz, people are the element required for a company to embody a sense of urgency, find focus and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit that will manifest into a culture. “We target 100 percent annualized growth, and we need everybody doing it,” Zietz said. “It’s not that difficult if you have the right people in the right positions and you have the right culture for them to invest in.

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