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Help! Your Business Needs Yelp!

Business owners often do not realize how important it is to have a Yelp or TripAdvisor page. This is the perfect way for businesses to engage with their customers whether it be a negative or positive review. Customer complaints, problems and suggestions are often found on a Yelp page versus the customer actually verbally relaying this message to a business owner. Yelp is a great way to address any issues your customers may be facing in a positive way, without seeming harsh or pushy.

How do I get my Yelp page started?

It’s simple. First, create an account. This is super easy, even if you are not very tech-savvy or know nothing about the Internet, almost anyone can do this. Once you are all signed up, it then allows you to communicate with your customers about new promotions, new menu items, seasonal news, etc. Getting people to know a little bit about your business is important, and this is the perfect place to do that. You can include whatever details you want to write about your restaurant or business; including pictures of the menu, sharing customer stories or even including pictures of what your establishment looks like. When customers are looking at businesses on a Yelp page, being able to feel the vibe and ambiance before even stepping foot into the establishment can create a positive reputation.

Including pictures of your business shows customers exactly what to expect and what kind of atmosphere they are going to walk into. It is also important to include a photograph of what the outside of the restaurant looks like, so customers can easily recognize and find the business once they spot it. Including pictures of food also entices customers to try different dishes than what they usually order.

As a restaurant owner, do you often have daily specials or change your menu based on the season/ time of the year? Yelp is a perfect place for you to share these announcements with your customers. Not only will your customers be attracted to these new and seasonal specials, but it is an excellent way for your restaurants to be easily found within specific Yelp search results.

Customer Reviews:

When a customer writes an excellent review, respond! Customers love to know that their voice is being heard and what better way to let them know that then by responding to each one of them, individually? Yelp allows businesses to easily address the negative reviews and to do their best to try and fix them while also addressing the positive reviews. Customer reviews are a major factor in today’s world and we are extremely excited to introduce you to one of our latest services, Reputation Management. This service allows you to get alerts whenever a new review is posted about your business, streaming it straight to your social media platforms, websites, etc. This allows business owners to be aware of their customers’ feedback and allows them to engage with their customers. Most importantly, do not ask customers to review your business. If they want to write a review, trust us, they will. The best reviews come from those who actually had a positive experience and truly enjoyed their time dining at your restaurant. So go ahead & get that Yelp page started!