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How to Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the most important aspects of a business and can definitely help increase sales and growth within your business. Once you create personal connections with your customers, it can also help build your brand by word-of-mouth. Creating a work environment where your employees enjoy working and become loyal to the business is probably one of the most important aspects of gaining loyalty from your customers. There are many different factors that play into creating the perfect customer-employee relationship, but here are just a few of our best tips:

Exceptional Service

It is important that you train your employees to always give great customer service to your consumers. The most common reason for consumers to not go back to a store or restaurant is due to poor customer service. Make clear regulations as how to handle customer complaints and request, and always make sure to address these issues as quickly as possible. It is important to give customers a chance to provide feedback but even more important to always respond in a quick, positive manner to any of their questions, comments or concerns. This allows the chance for customers to resolve their current issue and can help to improve your current services. Going the extra step to meet customers needs is what customers want and like to see, and will keep them coming back.

Personal Connections with Customers

With our wonderful point-of-sale system, you are able to keep track of customer preferences, customer order history and store tons of information about your customer such as their birthday, anniversary or any other important date you may want to make not of. Take advantage of this information by sending out discounts for their birthday or notify customers by email blasts when their favorite products come in or go on sale. Customers will appreciate you reaching out to them and this can help build a relationship with your customer. Dedicating time to actually creating this database of information will go a long way; it shows your customers that you care. In the end, communication is key.

VIP & Customer Incentives

Your best customers should know that they are your best customers. A great way to make them feel like they truly are your “VIP customers” is to allow them to have a loyalty points program of constantly send them updates when a new product or service comes in. Creating incentives gives people a reason to come back to your business. Whether the customer is a frequent customer or not, incentives are a great way to excite outside consumers about coming into your business and can often help boost sales during slow or off seasons.


The reputation of a company can either make or break a business. If customers are familiar with the reliability of your services and products, the more likely they are to continue to come back. Customers like to feel comfortable with where and how they are spending their money. If your business is unreliable and constantly making mistakes with orders about how long it may take for a product to come in, customers become frustrated, dissatisfied and are most likely not going to come back. It is always important to be considerate of your customer’s time, wants, needs and concerns. Another important factor to remember is that each customer is different and you may find yourself in situation that you have not been in before. Just remember how imperative it is to listen to their complaint, understand and see things from their perspective, and then go on to figure out a solution.