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Learn How TownTarget and SurfSocial Work Well Together


SurfSocial is a powerful marketing tool that allows business owners to provide free, fast and secure Wi-Fi to their customers. All customers have to do to connect to the Wi-Fi is login either through their social media account or email account and you’re connected! As soon as a customer logs in, the business owner automatically captures tons of highly valuable customer information. With access to all customer data at the tip of their fingertips, business owners can effectively and efficiently market to their customers through email marketing campaigns, promotions, discounts and rewards programs!


Below is some of the valuable information a business owner captures when a customer connects to their Wi-Fi:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Mobile device usage
  • Guest usage and connection
  • Guest analytics data
  • Emails
  • Customer traffic analytics


town target powered by ts

TownTarget is the best and most powerful marketing tool business owners can use to get their business’s visibility on Google dramatically increased! TownTarget is a hyper local SEO service that helps businesses get found on Page 1 of Google for keyword searches of their products and/or services in the city the business is located in. Business’s visibility on Google have been improved anywhere from 200%-800% with TownTarget! The best part about TownTarget is that it is completely hands free so business owners can focus on running their day to day operations.

What Do Business Owners Get with TownTarget?

  1. Profile on
    1. Business’s profile on TownTarget will contain address, phone number, logo, business hours, social media accounts, about section, reviews, photos, website and all website sub-pages, and local directory listings.
  2. Monthly Keyword Tracking Report
    1. Each month, merchants will get an email from their TownTarget account manager with a report of the progress of their SEO campaign. In the keyword tracking report, merchants will see keyword rankings on the web.
  3. Account Manager
    1. Each merchant that signs up with TownTarget will get an account manager to make any edits to their profile, keyword list and keyword tracking reports.

TownTarget and SurfSocial

With TownTarget and SurfSocial combined, business owners can have the ultimate marketing package to capture and retain customers! Merchants that use both TownTarget and SurfSocial are going to have a major advantage over their competition. Both of these powerful marketing tools will give merchants complete control of their online marketing efforts. From potential customers searching the web to searching for free Wi-Fi, business’s have the capability to capture their attention vs their competition. With TownTarget, capturing new customers on the web and SurfSocial gathering customer information to market to with reward programs and email campaigns, business owners have the best tools offered in the industry today to grow and THRIVE!

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