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Lightning Payments: The Merchant Processing Solution

Lightning Payments also referred to as “Lightning” is a fast, safe and incredibly affordable merchant processing software solution that runs natively within QuickBooks®. Running “natively” means Lightning will run within your QuickBooks® software. Therefore, every time QuickBooks is opened, Lightning automatically provides you with fast processing, more savings and added security benefits. Lightning also helps reduce the need to manage multiple programs, eliminating double data entries. This significantly reduces accounting time and effort allowing you to receive money faster and most importantly, reduce your processing rates.

Lightning Payments works seamlessly with the following QuickBooks® products:
• QuickBooks® POS
• QuickBooks® Online
• QuickBooks® Financial
• PC without the need of a terminal.

One of the best advantages of Lightning is not only that it is an affordable payment processing option, but the advanced security in which each transaction is recorded. Lightning uses superior NSA strengthening encryption, giving an extra layer of protection to both the consumer and merchant, on every transaction that is made. Affordability and security makes Lightning Payments a one-two knockout punch for all merchants!
Enjoy fast, secure, and affordable merchant processing that is integrated with QuickBooks® with Lightning Payments!