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Accept Payments that Sync with QuickBooks®

Save time, make money, and grow your business by taking payments natively in QuickBooks® with our custom-designed applications.


Because, as a business owner, your time is worth a lot.


The Lightning Difference

Lightning Payments™, one of the only payment processors integrated with QuickBooks®, providing QuickBooks software users with the option to choose a more affordable payment processor and advanced payment technology that eliminates the hassle of double data entry.

Lightning Payments™, will continue to operate within QuickBooks POS and accounting software as a TouchSuite product.


Lightning Payments® For QuickBooks & QuickBooks POS

When you sign up for Lightning Payments, your transactions are integrated with QuickBooks, saving you time and helping to eliminate the chances of double data entry. Rather than a disconnected plug-in or a stand-alone terminal, our integrations with QuickBooks allows you to receive payments natively within the application.

The great benefit you receive is these transactions are instantly recorded into the system with precise accuracy, in real time. You’ll never have to manually enter your sales data back into your office accounting system again!

IPLink® for QuickBooks Online

Automatically linking your sales data to your accounting is an important time saver for every small business owner. Instead of spending your time manually entering sales data every day, allow IPLink to do the data entry for you, in real-time. IPLink works with QuickBooks® Online to offer an all-in-one solution to accept payments and record them instantly.

Don’t have QuickBooks Online? No problem! Our Lightning Payments application is integrated directly into QuickBooks Desktop.

Gift Cards

Our merchants are able to enjoy unlimited, free gift card transactions supported by multi-store acceptance and tracking.

All your customer has to do is bring in their own gift card, gift to the merchant, have them swipe it to find out its worth and boom, customers can now use that gift card as a form of cash! Learn more about how our Gift Card Exchange Program can maximize your revenues today.

Lightning Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals provide a simple way to accept payments on your Windows desktop, laptop, or tablet. The Lightning Payment application offers a variety of secure payment devices to ensure that you can easily and securely receive payments, right from your computer.

No need to launch a website or swipe a card on a traditional countertop terminal. You can now launch our app and take payments in a fraction of the time. We support credit, gift, and the new EMV standards for credit cards. This can also work with mobile payment options including the new Apple Pay.

Lightning Solutions Compatibility

Lightning’s performance and reliability is mostly compatible with the following QuickBooks versions:

  • 2013 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • 2012 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • 2011 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • Versions 12 (2015) of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)
  • Versions 11 (2013) of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)
  • Versions 10 (2010) of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)

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