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TouchSuite Merchant Referral Program
Receive a $200 gift card for each new merchant account you refer!1


1. Refer

Refer a business owner to open a new merchant account.

2. Sign & Board

The account is approved, signed and boarded by TouchSuite.

3. Start Processing

The business processes transactions through TouchSuite within thirty days.

4. Get Paid

Your $200 gift card will arrive after two billing cycles (approximately ninety days).

Refer a business owner today!

Complete and submit the form below with your merchant account information and the business owner’s information.

[1] The TouchSuite Merchant Referral Program (the “Referral Program”) is offered by American Bancard, LLC d/b/a TouchSuite® (“TouchSuite”) and provides the opportunity for existing TouchSuite merchants (“TouchSuite Merchants”) to refer business owners (“Referred Business Owner(s)”) to open a merchant account with TouchSuite in exchange for a $200 gift card.  To be eligible for the Referral Program:  1) the Referred Business Owner(s) must be individuals or businesses that do not currently have a merchant account with TouchSuite, or have not had a merchant account with TouchSuite within the previous two years; 2) the Referred Business Owner(s) are approved, signed, and boarded by TouchSuite (“Approval”); and 3) the Referred Business Owner(s) process transactions through TouchSuite’s merchant services within thirty days of Approval (collectively, the “Requirements”).  A $200 gift card will be sent via U.S. Mail to the TouchSuite Merchant (at the address on file with TouchSuite) within ninety days of Referred Business Owners’ achievement of the Requirements.