Religious Institutions & Non-Profits

Religious Institutions & Non-Profits

Raising funds to support religious institutions and non-profit entities is an ongoing challenge.  What if you could find a way to help your congregants save money AND make contributions to the church, synagogue or other place of worship?  How great would it be to have business transactions help underwrite the services provided by your non-profit?

The Power of One-To-Many

Congregations are made up of many members – members that might be involved in any number of businesses.  Many of these businesses, whether retail or commercial – currently accept or would like to accept credit card or other electronic payments.  Through a Strategic Partnership Affiliate arrangement, TouchSuite can work with your religious organization to offer competitive payment processing pricing to your membership and provide a portion of the profits back to your organization.  In a similar fashion, Non-profits can pass along savings to members and generate additional contributions.

Generating Funds, Not Making Money

One of the challenges faced by religious organizations and non-profits is that while they need to generate funds, they want to be careful not to create the impression that they are making money – especially at the expense of their members and constituents.  The above examples show how contributions can be made based on TouchSuite sharing referral and residual profits with the religious or non-profit institution.

Another way to that TouchSuite has been able to help prevent Non-profits from being perceived as making money is detailed in the attached Case Study, which explains how TouchSuite was able to create a separate legal entity to avoid having a Private School pass on credit card convenience fees when parents paid tuition on a payment plan.

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