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TouchSuite Restaurant POS

Our state-of-the-art hardware and software run on an operating system that delivers speedy and reliable performance in a secured application. Built on an innovative unified platform, our TouchSuite Restaurant POS packs exceptional performance into a sturdy, easy to use, POS system.

TouchSuite Restaurant POS


Why TouchSuite Restaurant POS?

Easy to Use

Running a restaurant is hectic enough. We’ve worked with restaurant owners just like you to build critical features you’ll actually use. Every aspect of TouchSuite POS was designed with you in mind.

Grows Business

TouchSuite POS is the industry’s only solution that includes everything you need to start, run and grow your business. All the features you need now with plenty of room to grow.


TouchSuite POS can be transformed into your system. All skins can be changed to any logo or background. Buttons are fully customizable making it ideal for: full service, quick service, bars, nightclubs or cafes.


TouchSuite offers a wide range of pricing options guaranteed to fit your business needs. Designed to enhance productivity, reduce confusion and eliminate errors, giving you a quick return on investment.

Point of Sale Features


Create Better Table Layouts

Helpful layout functions make it easier than ever to create beautiful, organized table layouts. With “snap” functions that work similar to the Button Layout, it will be a snap for you to catch onto the new software and create an updated layout for your restaurant.

Complete phone orders 60% faster

Customer addresses autocomplete as you type. Your employees can easily find addresses & complete orders in a flash. Order history appears on the customer profile to reorder customer favorites.

Email Receipts

Give your customers an environmentally friendly option by offering to email the receipt instead of printing it. To find out how your customer liked their visit, attach a survey link to the receipt.

Reporting on your Phone

ReportingAnywhere gives you access your restaurant’s information from anywhere. Get crucial reports to make quick and informed decisions. View live sales up to the minute.

Auto-Combo Detection

Recreates a la carte items into a combo meal with the appropriate price. This helps the customer save money and prevents the cashier from having to reenter items.

Drink Chips

[What are Drink Chips?] Drink Chips (aka. Pub Tokens or chits) have been used around the world as payment for future drinks for several hundred years. Traditional pub tokens were hugely popular in the UK and the US in the 18th-20th century. Today, we’ve put a modern twist on it.

Is the Driver Making it to the Customer On Time?

On the call in order grid, MicroSale displays the amount of time the check has been open as well as how many minutes the driver has been out for the delivery.

Product Waste

A new Product Waste function has been added that works in conjuction with the Inventory Module. When used, the waste accurately tracks your food costs based on the menu items’ recipes and current costs.

Day Overtime

The trickiest part of payroll administration is the calculation of overtime. MicroSale calulates day overtime when an employee works over 8 hours. After an employee accures more than 8 hours for one day, MicroSale automatically switches to time and a half.

Drawer Calculator

The calculator function helps employees quickly and easily count the drawer. He or she can simply count the number of dollars or coins and then select the correct currency slot. The calculator eliminates human error and allows an employee to count the drawer in half the time.

On-the-Fly Price

Adjust Adjusts any menu item price on the virtual check (Manager access number must be used)

Daily Close Schedule

Added a schedule for daily close. This will stop a daily close from running between a scheduled amount of time.

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Introducing ReportingAnywhere

ReportingAnywhere is a mobile-friendly website and app that allows you to view your restaurant’s information anytime from anywhere.

Easy To Use

Tap the app and scroll through the dashboard to see all of your pertinent information at a glance – net sales, discounts, voids, labor cost, and your weekly numbers.


Get Alerted

Set limits to get alerts on your phone to see when your discounts and voids get too high. At the end of the day, you’ll also be notified when the credit card batch has been settled.

Simple to Understand

See your live numbers in a clean, easy to read short summary. See your tender types, net sales, labor costs, and a breakdown of sales by department.


Analyze your Data at a Glance

Tap on your net sales to see a visual breakdown of the sales by food, beer, wine, liquor and any other department type used in your POS system.

Cloud-Based POS Management

OfficeAnywhere gives you direct access your restaurant. There’s no need to stay late or commute back to the restaurant to make changes.

Add or change menu items and modifiers

Add or change happy hours

Change prices

Add or change discounts

Manage employees and pay rates

Edit tax rates

Business Types We Support


Full Service

  • Modifier Tabbing
  • Count downs
  • Table layout
  • Table Management
  • Reservations with Email Confirmation
  • Visual Wait List
  • Averaging Wait Times Display
  • Hold with Auto Release

Bars & Clubs

  • Save Credit Cards for Tabs
  • Add Drinks to Existing Tabs
  • Cash-out on Order Screen
  • Happy Hours + 1 Step Further
  • Age Verification
  • Integrated Liquor Control System


  • Delivery Fee based on Area
  • Internal Customer Loyalty
  • House Accounts
  • Time Delayed Future Orders
  • Conversational Ordering
  • Label Printing for to Go’s
  • Driver Dispatch
  • Free MapQuest Integration
  • Drive Thru Capabilities
  • Bar Code Scanning

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